Cool it Down: Implementing Nature-Based Solutions for Cooling Your City

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June 10 @ 10:00 am 11:00 am

Cities are packed with concrete and buildings, trapping heat and creating “urban heat islands” that are significantly warmer than surrounding areas. This phenomenon can lead to a cascade of issues for residents, particularly the already vulnerable. 

As extreme weather becomes increasingly frequent, Nature-Based Solutions (NbS) are an important part of the answer for cities. By mimicking natural processes, NbS — such as green roofs and walls, parks, forests, and even water features — can help create cooler and more comfortable urban environments.

In this online session, hosted by ICLEI Europe as part of the KeepCool project, participants can engage with experts to understand why NbS work for cooling and learn from practitioners on how to implement them. 

There will also be an opportunity to get a sneak peek at an upcoming guide on cooling cities and share your professional insights on cooling cities with ICLEI and other participants. 

Join the conversation!  Register here for the upcoming webinar to exchange ideas on how NbS can cool down your city.


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