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Decarbonising heating and cooling by 2040 is essential for our security, health, and climate targets. Our heating and cooling needs must be met in a way that advances climate action and our energy security, while being affordable and clean. The coalition works to make sustainable, renewable, and affordable heating and cooling a reality across the EU. 

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eight policy recommendations for sustainable, renewable and affordable heating and cooling by 2040

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Burning fossil and solid fuels to heat and cool our homes is linked to health risks, premature deaths, and lower indoor air quality. Decarbonising heating and cooling can save lives.

Support for consumers

Climate-friendly, money-saving technologies need to be accessible to all. On a level playing field for renewable solutions, consumers will be enabled to make the choices that best suit their needs.


Almost 31 million people in Europe cannot afford to warm their homes. Energy renovation is the best long-term solution for protection from the cold and, increasingly, extreme heat.

Competitiveness and skills

There is a vast potential for new, sustainable jobs to be created to meet the Renovation Wave targets and decarbonise heating and cooling. Upskilling, reskilling and new entrants into the construction workforce are all urgently needed.


EU dependence on fossil fuel imports undermines energy and climate security. Accelerating the energy transition can shield governments and households from fossil fuel price volatility.


Heating and cooling account for 44% of greenhouse gas emissions for household activities (including transport). Decarbonising residential energy use will cut emissions and contribute to the EU’s climate targets.


Heat pumps

Installing 60 million more heat pumps would reduce the EU’s energy import bill by €60 billion, with average heating bills to fall by 20%.

District heating

Clean district heating can harness waste, ambient, and renewable sources of heat while providing valuable flexibility and storage to the energy system.

Solar thermal

Solar thermal heat is often the cheapest replacement for fossil fuel heating. It is also clean, flexible, and a fast-growing renewable energy technology in the EU.

Geothermal energy

A geothermal heat pump turns the heat under the surface of the earth into heating, cooling and hot water for use in buildings. It’s estimated that geothermal district heating networks could provide energy for up to 25% of the EU population.


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Steering committee

Davide Sabbadin - Chair
Deputy Policy Manager for Energy & Climate
Richard Lowes - Vice-chair
Senior Associate
Eleonora Moschini
Manager, Buildings Programme
Morgan Henley
District Heating Campaigner
CEE Bankwatch Network
Oliver Rapf
Executive Director
Mónica Vidal
Heating Campaign Coordinator
CAN Europe
Marco Grippa
Programme Manager

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Delia Villagrasa
Clare Taylor
Strategic Communications Coordinator
Tom Vasseur
Policy Officer
Ana Nanu
Communications Officer

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