Coalition member BEUC calls for consumer access to clean heating solutions

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Cool Heating Coalition member BEUC recently published a compelling article making the case for consumer access to clean heating solutions and calling on policymakers to learn the lessons from recently charged debates over home heating.

In their article, Sebastien Pant and Eoin Kelly highlight the pressing need to transition away from fossil fuel-dependent appliances like gas boilers, which contribute significantly to global warming. With approximately half of the EU’s energy consumption dedicated to heating and cooling, and a staggering 70% of it sourced from fossil fuels, urgent action is imperative.

Ciarán Cuffe MEP and Guillaume Joly (BEUC) at the Cool Heating Coalition launch event.
© Cool Heating Coalition

The European Commission’s much anticipated – but as yet unpublished – Heat Pump Action Plan holds promise, yet its delay until after the 2024 elections reflects the complex political landscape and the influence of vested interests. Despite these obstacles, Pant and Kelly advocate for resolute policy measures that prioritise consumer access to clean heating technologies.

They emphasise the need for comprehensive strategies encompassing appliance regulation, workforce training, price incentives, and consumer education. By fostering an environment where clean heating choices are both accessible and affordable, policymakers can steer the transition towards a low-carbon future while ensuring fairness and inclusivity for all EU consumers.

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