The launch of a #CoolHeatingRevolution

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The Cool Heating Coalition marked its official launch with a vibrant party on 19 March in Brussels. Bringing together a diverse array of stakeholders, including politicians and policymakers, NGOs, think tanks, and industry representatives, the event served as a rallying point for those committed to decarbonising heating and cooling.

At the heart of the launch was the unveiling of the coalition’s vision statement, Just Right.  Dubbed “the Goldilocks report” by insiders, this comprehensive 8-point plan outlines the coalition’s strategy for achieving a decarbonised future in heating and cooling. Green MEP Ciarán Cuffe’s stirring speech on the potential for a ‘gentle revolution’ in this space set an inspiring tone for the evening, emphasizing the urgent need for collective action.

Joining Mr Cuffe on stage were Nina Neumann, team leader for DG ENER, as well as Adrian Hiel, head of campaigns and media at Energy Cities, Louise Sunderland, managing principal at RAP – Regulatory Assistance Project and Delia Villagrasa, our director. 

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However, the event was not just about speeches and publications. Attendees were treated to a traditional Irish céilí, as well as cupcakes and a branded bottle of sloe gin as a prize for correctly identifying the origins of the phrase ‘If I can’t dance, it’s not my #CoolHeatingRevolution’.

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The launch event was a resounding success, marking the start of a #CoolHeatingRevolution and serving as a testament to the collective determination to decarbonise heating and cooling. As the coalition continues to grow and evolve, it stands poised to make a meaningful impact in the global fight to secure sustainable, renewable and affordable heating and cooling for all.

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