Cool Heating Coalition in the news: RTBF, Avvenire, Deutsche Welle

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Disinformation and climate change have been identified as the biggest global risks by the World Economic Forum, alongside low cooperation on global issues. In the wake of the European elections, which led to a rightward shift in the European Parliament, the coalition secretariat spoke to several news outlets about the prospects for meaningful climate action in the coming years.

While we are unlikely to see any backsliding on the current green policies under the EU Green Deal, new policies will be hard to pass. Delaying new legislation, however, may mean we fail to meet our decarbonisation targets. Our most recent report found that current policies are insufficient for the full decarbonisation of heating and cooling in buildings by 2050.  Ambitious climate action is still needed.

Coalition director, Delia Villagrasa, spoke to RTBF about her worry that far-right politicians will fail to understand that the fight against climate change will provide the EU with an economic boost. If future legislation fails to stimulate green industries, people will be kept in “industrial prehistory” as the world moves towards low-carbon innovation. Read the interview.  

Speaking to the Italian publication Avvenire, Delia also pointed out that we are entering an era of new energy production models where urban neighbourhoods can become self-sufficient with zero emissions. Given such innovation in the energy market, “the Green Deal will continue to make progress in this sector,” she states. Read the full article.

Coalition communications officer, Ana Nanu, spoke to DW about the rise in disinformation about using hydrogen to heat homes. “We actually already have the technology we need,” Ana added. Read the full article.

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